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Today's Teens

Today’s teens are members of the Z generation (born between 1999 -2010.) According to the Pew Research Center, this generation is full of curious minds that are willing to research what they do not know. They are digital natives with little or no memory of the world as it existed before smartphones; they are more racially and ethnically diverse than previous generations and are on track to be the best-educated generation of all time.

Many churches struggle with the inability to meet the needs and expectations of teens. Not so, here at Pleasant Grove Church! How do we meet these needs and expectations?

Teens Want A Place To Feel Safe

In many churches, the teen group is seen just as a group of kids that play games and make a giant mess. Here at Pleasant Grove Church, the reality is GroveTeens is just a gathering with teens instead of adults. Sometimes we do make a mess and play silly games, but that's because emotional walls are broken down, and real relationships begin when our teens have a chance to let their guard down.

Our teens want and need a place where they can speak the truth of their lives and not be judged by adults or their peers. In GroveTeens, teens can walk into spaces with peers and adult leaders they are making real relationships with and know what's said in GroveTeens stays in GroveTeens.

at the Grove we...

  • Share the Word of God with our teens
  • Pray for our teens
  • Check-in on our teens outside of church

Teens Crave for Belonging

Teens want to feel like they are a part of the Church. They don’t want to be the cleanup crew or be that youth group that is seen and not heard. They need to know they are loved by the people they see every week during worship and in Grove Teens, our version of Youth Church. Pleasant Grove Church is a place where teens feel a sense of belonging and are fortunate to have adults who are genuinely dedicated to our teens.

They want us to pray with them, check on them, and accept them. At Pleasant Grove Church, we share the word of God with our teens on a level they understand, relate to, and apply to their daily lives. We pray for them while simultaneously teaching them to pray for themselves and others. We check on our teens outside of Church, often sharing in their extracurricular activities, following up on their grades, and making ourselves available for their calls, texts, and e-mails.

Inside Look

Teens Want Adults Who Are Genuine

Some adults are very good at reminding teens to be themselves. Some adults have a tough time doing that themselves. Here at PGC, you will find adult leaders in GroveTeens solidly grounded in God's Word; they walk their talk, and the teens relate to them with ease because the teens know they are for real. Our leaders in GroveTeens are non-judgmental and are willing to meet teens where they are in their faith walk while consistently demonstrating the love of Christ toward them.

Teenagers are excellent at seeing through the perpetration adults so often demonstrate. If adult leaders can't be honest about who we are, why would teens think they are honest about the message they are trying to share with them? Our leaders know that if they are not genuine, the message of Jesus Christ will be lost.

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