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    Why are weexpanding?

    Why are weexpanding

Expansion Allows Continued SupportCommunity Outreach and Dream Academy Programming

Why Are We Expanding?Recovery Programs, Mental Health, Creative Arts, Community Outreach

Pleasant Grove Church (PGC) serves through loving connections within the Cary, Raleigh, and Durham communities. We make those connections by providing space and resources for Community Outreach Programs. These are just some of the Programs that take place on the PGC campus:

Recovery Programs
Prison Ministry Training and Transitioning
Domestic and Child Abuse
Alcohol and Drug Addition Program (AA)

Medical and Health
Alzheimer Awareness and Caregiver Support
African American Male Health
Prostrate Cancer Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness
Susan B. Komen Annual Participation
Health Seminars
Health issues affecting the African American community
Tennis for Life Survivors of Cancer

Creative Arts
Musical Productions
Collaborative Engagement with Local HBCU Music and Arts Departments
Onsite Autistic Creative Arts Programming
Youth and Young Adult Multimedia Training

Community Outreach
Girl Scouts
Community Fest
Diversity and Inclusion Event with different cultures of Cary
Building Bridges
Connecting Local Law Enforcement with the African American Community
Western Wake Community Action Committee
Providing meeting space to address social issues

Pleasant Grove FoundationDream Academy Programming

The signature program which makes the biggest impact in our community was created and developed by the Pleasant Grove Foundation and is known by the moniker DreamAcademy. PGC has outgrown its capacity to host these programs that have a lasting effect on the future of the Dreamers and our community. This is why PGC is expanding and we need your support.

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