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The Evangelism Ministry strives to share the Word of God with all people through various means of communication. The Great Commission proclaims the gospel and salvation of Jesus Christ to all mankind. We want the lost to be found and those who are saved to be convicted and transformed to greater works.

Pastor Dieuner Joseph Pleasant Grove Church
What Does Evangelism Look Like At Pleasant Grove Church

As part of our Evangelism Outreach to the people of Haiti, PGC disciples put together solar lights to send to Haiti. Forming partnership with our Asian brothers and sisters is a hallmark of our community outreach and critical to our mission to preach the gospel to all nations. PGC celebrated its 150th Anniversary with a cross cultural Fair featuring members of every ethnic group in the city of Cary and its vicinity. Our goal was to reflect the kingdom of God in all of its diversity and preach the gospel through acts of loving kindness.

Discipleship Training begins very early at PGC. Our youth are trained to become disciples of Jesus Christ and empowered to reflect the love of Christ in their community. PGC is committed to feeding the physical body as well and ministering to the soul. A picture in the gallery on the right captures our disciples preparing lunches for Durham Urban Ministry. PGC celebrates the diversity of our community and is intentional about bringing different people together to fellowship in love.

Worship is the number one priority at PGC. Our praise and worship experience is designed to usher believers into the presence of God in Spirit and in truth. PGC provides a safe place for men to study the Word of God together and to grow in a context of accountability and integrity. At PGC our leadership is committed to equip and power Disciples of Jesus Christ to do the work of ministry through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God.

Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.

Dieuner Joseph
Ministry Chair

Disciples of Jesus Christ are called to share His message of hope, love and salvation, leading others to a life-transforming personal relationship with Him by the power of His Holy Spirit. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, calls us to share His promise of salvation to anyone who accepts him as their Lord and Savior.

The Evangelism Ministry works hand-in-hand with Mission and Community Outreach Ministry to answer God’s call to reach and touch the lives of people who may not know about the Love of God for them and the fact that he has given his Only Begotten Son to save humanity from eternal damnation.

The Evangelism Ministry strives to share the Word of God with all people through various means of communication so that the lost can be found and those who are saved can be convicted and transformed to greater works. We encourage our disciples to connect with non-believers so they can be living witnesses as to the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

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