ONE Wake Founding Assembly


ONE Wake Founding Assembly

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October 13, 2020

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Help us Meet our Goal! Register Today for the Founding Assembly.

Pleasant Grove Church is a member of ONE Wake, a large advocacy group made up of the faith community and nonprofits. We have been working on several initiatives related to social justice. Among them: Affordable housing, living wages, education and voting. We will launch our founding assembly on Tuesday, October 13th on a virtual platform.  See additional content for more information. Our goal is to get 2,000 people committed to attend. Of that, I'd like to have at least 50 people participate from PGC. At this assembly we will present proposals to key people in Wake County (politicians, developers, school board members, major employers, etc.) so that they hear our collective demands for change. I ask that you (1) register by following the link provided, (2) make sure you put it on your calendar, (3) attend the event and (4) let me know when you have registered (registration link below).

ONE Wake has already made great strides; people in positions of power are starting to take note. The organization was very instrumental in getting Wake County to commit millions of dollars to help people avoid eviction during the pandemic. Every member institution is working feverishly on voter turnout for November's election. We are actively researching available land tracts throughout the county for potential affordable housing development...and so much more. Member organizations in ONE Wake have found that working together is getting far more accomplished than working by ourselves.

There is much to do to unravel systemic racism and injustice. By showing up at the meeting on Tuesday, October 13th, you will be affirming PGC's role as a committed partner in ONE Wake. I hope to hear from you soon! 

Register today!
ONE Wake Founding Assembly
Tuesday, October 13, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Register in advance here  (insert YOUR contact information; institution name: Pleasant Grove Church-Cary)

Update: 116 leaders have registered since our registration link went live on Monday. Confirm your attendance by Sunday to help us reach our goal of 200 registered by the end of this week! 


For the last three years leaders from institutions across Wake County have invested their time and talent to build ONE Wake: an exciting new broad-based social justice organization composed of 41 religious and non-profit organizations.

During the Founding Assembly, ONE Wake will: 

(1) Announce the results of an ambitious non-partisan effort to contact over 20,000 eligible voters for voter registration and assistance with absentee ballots;

(2) Unveil its social justice action agenda on affordable housing, education, and jobs created with the input of over 3,300 Wake County residents;

(3) Invite candidates from every party, elected officials, and corporate leaders to work with ONE Wake to address these important issues;

(4) Kick off a non-partisan Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign to ensure that every registered voter in our community votes in the upcoming election.

The total turnout goal for this event is 2,000 members from ONE Wake institutions. 

Additional Resources

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